Meet Our Staff


Head Teacher

Mrs Sarah Alexander

Deputy Head 

Mrs Suzanne Carroll


Ms Lisa Tomlinson

Class R & Infant Leader

Mrs Hilary Ganderton 

Class 1

Mrs Sophie Brooks

Class 2

Mr Harvey Sharp

Class 3

Mrs Sara George

Class 4

Mrs Jenny Thomas (2 days)

Mrs Joanne Bentley (3 days)

Class 5

Mrs Suzanne Carroll

Mrs Sarah Altun (Fridays)

Class 6 & Junior Leader

Mrs Julia Woodcock

Our Support Team

Learning Support Team

Mrs Donna O’Connor

Mrs Ruth French


Mrs Kerry Thompson

Mrs Georgie Foster

Miss Jemma Ryan

Mrs Emily Keeling


Miss Sophie Greener

Mrs Cat Scandrett


Mrs Jenny Remington

Mrs Emma Rafferty

Mrs Stacey Stevenson

Mrs Emma Lockyer


Mrs Tracey Clements

Mrs Emma James


Miss Jennie Guylee 

Mrs Eloise Spash

Miss Fran Hutchings

Mrs Argyle-Robinson


Ms Cathy Leahy

Ms Zoe Clark

Mrs Clare Legg

Sports Coach

Mr Dan Packer


Mrs Tamsin Langmaid


Mrs Nicola Sunley

Site Manager     

Mr Conor Langbridge

Cleaning Team

Mrs Corinna Bloye

Mrs Kirsty Washer

Mrs Georgie Foster


Mrs Jayne Wray

Kitchen Assistant

Ms Hannah Sims

 There are no staff members that have a gross salary of over £100,000.

There are no union reps on the staff.